Working on This Catalog Project

In fact I am working on a lot of different aspects of this project. I know this guy who is a big shot at an advertising agency the Villages and he has been giving me work behind the camera for a couple of years. It is usually boring commercial photography, but occasionally I do some nice creative work and they think that my stuff is kind of fresh and funky. This is pretty much an urban outfitter type of clothier. The work is going to go in their as yet not created web page and in the mail order catalog that they have been working on. I was surprised when they decided to let me do some of the modeling work, but I have done this occasionally in the past. This stuff was a good bit of fun actually.

A girl that I know was doing the shoot and of course she knows that I like girls and I like to dance with girls. Read the rest of this entry »


Had to Get Satellite for My Niners

Of course I have been living on the East Coast for a couple of years now and the entire time I have hated not being able to watch all of the sports teams that I followed the rest of my life. I was raised in Palo Alto and so I was a big fan of the San Francisco FOrty Niners and the SF Giants and the Golden State Warriors. I am a big fan of Stanford as well, that is where both my parents worked after all. I went to the internet and figured out the best deals at and now I have the NFL Sunday Ticket plan from the Direct TV. I want to get the NBA basketball package too, but I do not think that is as important as this is to me, especially not since they are throwing it with the entire deal. The NBA package is really expensive and I can live with what games come in the regular package. Read the rest of this entry »


Almost Got the Computer Working Again

I am not really sure what went wrong with that hard drive, but I need to get on extratorrent and recover as much of my music collection as I can. Of course I have the original CD’s for tons of stuff that I had on my network. Some jerk must have stolen that when I had a party to celebrate the end of the exams at school. Of course there were a couple of hundred people there and that four terabyte hard drive would fit into a coat pocket or a boot or a purse very easily. So any of those people could have done any of a hundred things to that hard drive, or some other thing could have happened.


TV to Your Home from the Internet

Television is changing in a very big way. I don’t think most of us are even aware of what sort of changes are happening as we speak! Although, those of us who have grown up with the web and on the web have been aware of websites that allow you to watch your favorite shows on them, like letmewatchthis, Crunchyroll and so on it hasn’t been until recently that these ‘channels’ are able to stream to your television in an all new way. Thanks to devices like the Roku, a Playstation and so on you can now download apps for these channels and watch the content that they provide at your leisure on your couch. It was a long time coming; Crunchyroll was actually a ‘pirate’ website before they made the push to go legit so that they could rake in the cash. It took Funimation far too long to be able to catch up to what they have and when they noticed what Crunchyroll was doing, they quickly got their act together!

It’s sites like Crunchyroll that is changing the very nature in which we enjoy our entertainment. Their bold move completely took Funimation and other providers of anime by surprise – who would have thought a pirate website would have been capable of doing such a thing? Who would have thought they would have been able to? They saw what was on the horizon and with the money that they generated with advertising revenue and membership costs, they were able to afford the licensing necessary to allow them to become one of the best websites that you can find anime on. Now we are seeing sites cropping up all over the web, each one delivering content of their own kind in hopes to attract the same sort of business.


Streaming Has Changed Our World

When Youtube started to become relatively well known before the Google acquisition; I knew then that streaming was going to change the way we devoured entertainment as a global culture. It was a fantastic setup – I remember trying to download music videos that I wanted to watch and finding them was such a pain! Yet, here was a service that offered instant gratification via streaming content. Now we see streaming everything, even coronation street episodes! It seems like the industry is finally catching up to the technology by introducing streaming with every new show that comes out. I cant believe it took them this long to come to grips with the technology – why they were so resistant is beyond me. I suppose those that head these companies are living in the past and cannot come to grips with the reality of the situation – take HBO for instance; the CEO has said that streaming is merely a ‘fad’ and will ‘fade in time’.


Hoping to Switch from Cable to Direct TV

Switched from Comcast to DirecTV | | A Techy Girl ...After considering the matter carefully with my wife for some time, I think that I am pretty sure that I want to switch to direct tv in the near future, as long as I can make sure that the prices will work out will with the budget that we have for our bills. I would really like to explore the different deals that they are offering. I want to find a deal that has a low introductory rate, but at the same time, does not go up to some unwieldy price once the introductory period has expired.

That is because I would very much like to keep Direct TV as my television provider for the long run, I am pretty sure, and need to make sure that I will be able to continue to afford to pay for the service on a monthly basis after the initial introductory period has expired for the service.

I also want to make sure that I can get the channels that I want for a good price. I am not completely sure if I can afford it, but if it is reasonably priced, then I would like to be able to get some sort of package that will allow me to watch lots of NFL football games. Football is by far my favorite sport, and I do not really get to watch enough of it as things currently stand. Anyway, I am also curious to see how many high definition channels are offered by this provider. I want to have a lot of HD channels, as long as it does not cost me too much to get them, because I did spent quite a lot of money to purchase a high definition television, and it seems like it would be a shame to not put its high def capabilities to good use.


Watching Movies is a Lot Easier Now

Times sure have changed since I was a kid. I can remember when we would get so excited on the rare occasions when we would all go out to the movie theater to see a new release. I still enjoy going to the theater, but my kids would rather sit home and watch movies. They tell me they like to be able to pause the movie so they can text, grab a snack, or do one of the other thousand and one things they do when they multitask. They are able to download movies right from the Internet which I think is pretty cool.